Our History

History of Sun Coast Forestry Mulching

James Stoker The Founder of Sun Coast Forestry Mulching)

I started paid work in the family drainage business working weekends and school holidays @ the age of 12 laying VC pipes. After completing a motor mechanic apprenticeship and working for 3 companies in 1986 I wanted a change so I went into renovating shops, and houses and transplanting large established trees which the later became full time job up until the 1991 recession. I contacted a previous employer and they reemployed me as a senior mechanic specializing in rebuilding 4×4 Gearbox’s.

In 1993 I went out to Broken Hill and ran and renovated a hotel for 4 years where I met my wife in 1993 and married in 1996

After a year off renovating our houses in Broken Hill, I took a job in Roxby Downs where we moved to 1999 working on light vehicles, earthmoving equipment and fixed plant. In 2003 & 2004 we sold up the houses in Broken Hill and the House in Roxby Downs and moved onto our Avocado Farm in 2004 at Curra with our 2 young girls. The 2005 drought saw me sell the Maroochydore house and buy further equipment and sink 2 dams on the farm to maintain our newly planted Avocado trees.In 2006 I worked at Blackwater mine as a shift supervisor/mechanic 2008 I went to work next as an operator, mechanic then site supervisor on the Jaryd Place subdivision Victory Heights before going back to Transplanting trees at Coolum Hyatt Resort in 2008 & 2010

In 2010 I bought tree chipping equipment and started taking on tree and contracting work around Gympie area whilst doing mining work and running the farm. As the tree work picked up, I formed Suncoast Forestry Mulching P/L in 2014 and cut back on mining jobs.