Slashing Mowing

Our Slashing & Mowing division handles slashing jobs of all types as well as vegetation clearing on rural and urban land. We provide professional slashing services to a number of local councils, land developers and house block owners. We have been preferred service providers for Gympie, Noosa, Sunshine Coast & Surrounding Areas over 30 years.

Slashing is the best way to tackle an overgrown garden, paddock, or field containing long and thick grass. To put it simply, a lawnmower (whether it be a push mower or a ride-on mower) cannot cope with the length, thickness or toughness of overgrown grass and if you try, you will just end up doing damage to your equipment. By calling the professional gardeners here at Sun Coast Forestry Mulching, you will not only save yourself time, but you will also receive the best price guaranteed for slashing, and the best advice for what is sure to become your ‘pride and joy’ lawn.

Benefits of Slashing

  • Fantastic for clearing small or large areas of overgrown grass
  • Slashing is the best way to cut through thick, long and tough grass
  • Slashing can assist in maintaining weeds
  • Slashing is a great way to deter rodents and snakes from your property, as they love to hide in long grass
  • Slashing equipment allows for cutting grass at various heights
  • Slashing promotes new grass growth by increasing mulch and organic matter on the soil
  • Your garden, lawn, paddock or field will look much better
  • Slashing reduces disease problems

What we offer

We offer the most cost-effective service for your overgrown grass. After assessing your lawn, Sun Coast Forestry Mulching will talk you through the slashing process. Depending on the length, thickness and toughness of your grass- along with other factors such as slope, rocks, etc- your Sun Coast Forestry Mulching professional will use the best high-quality tools for the job. This could include a heavy-duty whipper snipper, or in some cases, a motorised slasher. Our slashing service includes the initial cutting to reduce the length, raking and bagging off-cuts, and then for a professional finish- a complete lawn mow.

All our franchisees are equipped with high quality, professional tools, all of which are required to transform your unsightly yard to an aesthetically pleasing outlook. This alone is incredibly important, as cheap tools can do more damage to your lawn.

At Sun Coast Forestry Mulching all franchisees have had specialised and professional training. Franchisees are fully insured and are police checked – ensuring safe and expert services to you.


Get in Touch with our Slashing Experts

Looking to clean up your vacant block space to prepare your property for bushfire season? Sun Coast Forestry Mulching offers a premium slashing service in Sunshine Coast & Surrounding Areas to bring your grass back down to size. Our contractors use the latest slashers to achieve the results our customers are looking for. We also provide a range of services to reduce fire hazards including mulching and fire break installation. If you are looking to improve the quality of your lawns, contact our team for more information about our services on 0407919847